Monday, January 29, 2007

Rituals of the NBA..

Ever noticed some of the habits/superstitious type behaviors of your favorite NBA stars? Here's some of the more interesting behaviors you may see during a game..

-Gilbert Arenas passes the ball around his back several times before shooting free throws.

-Jason Kidd used to blow a kiss to the crowd, in honor of his wife and son.

-Richard Hamilton and Jerry Stackhouse have similar free throw styles, dribbling the ball several times and then crouching down low before shooting.

-Vince Carter recently adopted a longer time he holds the ball before finally releasing for a free throw.
In addition, prior to games, Vince runs to one of the baskets and jumps up, grabs the net and does 1 pull up.

-Lebron and KG are at least 2 superstars who clap with the powder they rub on their hands at the scorer's table, prior to games. Lebron releases the dust in a cloud to symbolize his arrival.

Keep a close eye on the players next time during a game and you may spot even more of these pre- and in-game rituals..


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