Sunday, January 07, 2007

The MVP Race Right Now

Speculation for league MVP is ongoing..Looking at the numbers, has a list of 10 candidates, so far:

1 - Steve Nash
2 - Gilbert Arenas
3 - Carlos Boozer
4 - Dirk Nowitski
5 - Kobe Bryant
6 - Lebron James
7 - Tim Duncan
8 - Kevin Garnett
9 - Zach Randolph
10- Dwyane Wade

Judging by early numbers, Nash is once again getting it done this year. His points and assists numbers are both up, most likely due to having Amare back to fill the lane and kick the ball out to Nash or create matchup and double team problems for opponents. If Nash keeps on track with these numbers, we could be seeing a 3 time back-to-back MVP, something that Michael Jordan couldn't accomplish.

Gilbert Arenas may be the surprise name at #2 on this list. This year he set out to "promote" himself more, with his new Adidas shoe and just his name in general. Arenas isn't a household name yet but he's working on it. He's dropped some mega point performances this year and is working hard to let NBA fans know just what his game's about. With a 30.5 ppg scoring average, almost 7 assists per game and almost 6 rebounds a game, this guy's tough to overlook when voting for a league MVP.

Carlos Boozer is another name you might not have expected to see at the 3 spot at this junction in the MVP race. Jazz started off the season scorching hot and continue to be a tough team in the West. Boozer is a solid rebounding double double man who makes it tough for teams to face Utah's front line. Boozer currently averages 21.5 points, 11.8 rebounds and over 3 assists a game, making him a definite consideration.

Lebron is still on the outside looking in, but if anyone can exceed expectations and turn up performance in the 2nd half of the season, its King James. His team should be one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference come playoffs. If Lebroncontinues to push his team and get wins, he could factor into the top vote for MVP.

As the season continues on we may see names jockeying for position on this list. Carmelo Anthony was having a breakout, MVP type season until the big suspension so he might have been a top 6 if not for his fight antics. Dwight Howard's another guy who some may feel should be higher up on the list. He's got game for sure and is a monster on the boards, providing a very tough presence in the paint. And never count out Kobe for the Lakers, considered one of the hottest teams in the NBA.


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