Thursday, December 21, 2006

An NBA Christmas..

We get the annual Heat vs Lakers game this Christmas day, a usual showdown between Shaq and Kobe which was originally done due to the whole fact Shaq brought 3 titles to the land of Showtime, and then him and Kobe began to beef and couldn't co-exist. The 2 have since made up and now its more of a who's better, D-Wade or #24 showdown, as Shaq is old, and injured. I expect the Lakers to get the better of the matchup right about now.

-Denver has received an early Christmas. Not only have they got an early white Christmas, with a snow delay Wednesday night(good timing with the Suns in town), but they have received the gift of AI who will help them improve. I don't see the Finals or a title for the Nuggets this season, but just think of how tough a team they are next year with K-Mart back, or a trade for a new big man..We can definitely expect some sick Iverson-Melo-JR Smith highlights and high scoring showboat games from this team, so that will be our gift.

-In other observations, I think the Knicks have found their formula for success. Get rid of that rookie who hard-fouled JR Smith and get rid of Nate Robinson and whoever else isn't playing right now. Use those guys to trade for a draft pick or high quality solid veteran, a forward. Right now the Knicks have won 2 buzzer beats, 1 of which was against a top notch Jazz team. If a melee and suspensions do the trick, Isiah might just be keeping his job..

-A team I still say is one of the most talented teams under the radar (their record isn't the best) is the Charlotte Bobcats. Look at the roster, Okafor, Gerald Wallace, Brevin Knight, Adam Morrison, Ray Felton, Sean May..Do you really expect this team to keep playing like an expansion team with that rotation and possibly Greg Oden next year?

-Some of the sickest dunks I've seen this season; Definitely Lebron on Duncan, because not just anyone dunks on the big robot. Also Chris Paul last night..First time he dunks on someone and it's D-Howard..must be from playing together on Team USA, he learned Howard's game more. There was also a sick dunk by Rudy Gay last week, he must have dunked from 3 feet away, his arms are like Mr Stretch of Fantastic 4 fame.

-Another note on Chris Paul..I almost get the feeling he might get snubbed out West for the All star team.. But it will be interesting to see if AI is eligible for the West squad. We know Steve Nash is gonna be on it. Unless there's an injury someone gets snubbed and Chris Paul is having a very good season so far.

-Biggest surprise so far this season is obviously the Miami Heat. I mean there were questions about their ability to compete - for another title, not for the lottery. They are playing some dismal bball without Shaq and needing D-Wade to will them to some heroic victories. He's obviously tired from playing in the Finals and Team USA, so someones gotta help the guy out!

-Early favorites for the finals now have to be Phoenix and Detroit(or Chicago or Cleveland). Phoenix is looking like they can put together solid stretches of bball, but will they be able to do so in a series with Dallas or San Antonio? Chicago is finally gelling and Detroit has the experience still from their title contender teams. And Cleveland..we all know their story. You just cant count out Lebron..

-The gift that will keep on giving for next season will be Ohio State's Greg Oden. He is going to be the next monster in the NBA along with Howard, Yao and Amare. So the team that plays worst this year most likely will be enjoying Christmas in June.

Finally, Commissioner Stern is giving us and the players the New Year's gift of the old ball back. The old leather roundball that so many kids pick up on a daily basis and begin practicing with to make it to the pros..Thank you to one of the best commissioners in all of sports for this act of kindness.

A very happy holiday to all NBA fans, superstars and your friends and families!


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