Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AI + KG = A Good Move

As ESPN's cameras shoot footage of an empty AI locker, it makes one wonder, why hasn't this superstar moved yet? He can give many teams the scoring/playmaking boost they need as well as alot of heart, in the 6'0 frame of a guard.

I think Iverson going to KG's Timberwolves makes the most sense and would be great for the league all around. Both these players have seemingly been in limbo forever, trying to escape the playoffs with a trophy and some rings. Neither has been rewarded for their countless nights of hardwork. Now many people argue that Iverson's attitude problems could be holding him back, in that he has missed practice sessions or gone off on teammates or the media. It's all part of his passion for the game, and a team really needs to move fast to pick up this superstar. If the Timberwolves got him, we'd see probably the best inside-outside combo in the league of AI & KG, making some great plays and a run towards a title, eventually. If he goes elsewhere, I don't know if the problem for AI will really be solved. I'm not sure how many other teams could contend with Iverson on their squad, especially if another superstar is already parked on that team, ala Paul Pierce or Kobe Bryant..

I don't think Iverson would fit well in Los Angeles, sorry Lakers fans. A Kobe-Iverson combo sounds nice on paper, but when you think about it, both these guys have been bigtime scorers all through their careers. AI leads the league currently and Kobe has in the past. Would they really defer to each other, and who would take that final shot to win a game? I think they are both great players, but combined would be too combustible, and cause problems. The Lakers are playing great as is, why screw that up now?

All that said, some GM's need to get in gear and get a deal done. Make it good for the league, the teams and Mr. Iverson. Easier said than done.

The other good news, if AI heads out West, it opens a starting spot on the East all star starting lineup..I'd say J-Kidd will be throwing some sweet alley oops to Vince.


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