Friday, December 15, 2006

Sickest Dunker in the NBA?

We see the highlights every night..the jam, the throwdown, the slams that ooh and ahh the crowds...Let's consider the 5 best dunkers out in the NBA as of right now: (in my humble opinion), in no particular order:

1)Vince Carter -
I've been a Vince fan ever since he left Carolina and began throwing down sick reverse jams and facials on guys like Mutombo. He's continued to have highlight dunk after highlight dunk, most recently with last years top notch dunk in which it looked like he was trying to throw the ball down Alonzo's throat. The missing elements of his dunker's resume seem to be a dunk on Shaq and one on Yao..

2)Lebron James -
Another marvel of flight, James soars through the lane, past the sidelines and converts all sorts of sick alley-oops in amazing highlights. This season he already had a nasty dunk on Mr Tim Duncan, an exclamation point in a Cavs early season victory.

3)Kobe - We can't leave him off this list. Kobe has had some amazing dunks in his career. 360's, throwdowns on Shaq and KG and even a reverse under the rim one hand dunk that would hurt most people bad. Kobe continues to bring showtime in LA and for all us who love the game.

4)Josh Smith/JR Smith - a tie here between the Smiths, no relation. Josh Smith in Atlanta has some vicious breakway highlights, although I haven't seen as many as late. JR Smith in Denver has been amazing to watch, as he plays alongside Melo. They reward each other well with alley oops and passes to complete highlight fast break plays.

5)Gerald Green - Relative newcomer finally getting more playing time in Boston. He plays to enter this year's dunk contest from what I've heard. I'd put odds on favorite for him to win it. He still looks like he has that high schoolers body yet is slamming the ball through the rim like he wants to hurt it. Keep on young fella.


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