Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Suns Stay Hot

The Suns are just that good. Period, end of story. With a 12 game win streak, they are not just winning, they are tearing through the competition right now. They got off to a very slow start which is a good indication that they were feeling their way back into the system, with Amare finally playing more minutes. And the manchild is back, along with the 2 time MVP, and Matrix. Tonight the Suns beat down the Heat, making them look like an expansion team.

The Suns are a display of several important concepts of basketball; unselfish team play, find the open man for the best shot, and outscore your opponents each game. They rotate it around the perimeter and down low and on pick and rolls. Their coach has implemented an intense, unselfish offense that can wear down opposing teams. In basketball, the object is to outscore the opponent. And when you're putting as much as 161 points up on the board, you will do that most every time. As Nash is the conductor for this powerful engine, taking him out is one key way to stopping them. Put a solid defender on him, if possible to disrupt the flow and passing, which is easier said than done. But even at that, they still have more weapons to throw at you. Diaw, Matrix, Stoudamire, they all have learned to be unselfish too and find the open man. Raja Bell's numbers have improved overall even more this year. And the Suns are hitting 3's like a team full of Ray Allen's. It's just too sick, and unfair for opponents to try to outrun this team. You wonder right now, who's capable of stopping them? The Pistons, maybe. Spurs, also maybe. All depends on if the Phoenix machine is functioning properly at the time.

You can believe the Mavs can still beat the Suns if it comes down to that series in the West. The Mavs have tasted finals experience, and are hungry to get back. But keep in mind, Amare was not much of a factor last year in the playoffs, if at all. So when it comes down to it this year, he will be the x-factor. As long as everyone stays healthy, we can definitely see the hot Suns scorching their East coast foes in the 2007 Finals.


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