Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iverson to Denver

Finally, Allen Iverson has a team he can play for. And it couldn't come at a better time. Iverson is being sent to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Joe Smith, Andre Miller and 2 draft picks. Right now the Nuggets are without JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony for 10 and 15 games respectively for their major roles in the Knicks Nuggets beatdown a few days ago. They can definitely use Iverson right about now.

The Nuggets will now own the 2 top scorers in the league. You would have to believe that either Denver will be scoring 150 points a game, or that these guys will drop off in their scoring averages. Will this cause both to drop out of contention for the top scorer spot? Quite possibly so.

At the same time, it gives the Nuggets quite a run and gun offense. They now have AI, JR Smith and Melo on breaks, which has to be one of the sickest run and go combos. Many say George Karl is just the coach AI needs as well, as he can temper the star's attitude issues.

The Sixers didn't do all that bad either. Getting Andre Miller, a solid point guard who has been amongst the league leaders in assists for several seasons. He can find guys like Andre Iguoudola and Kyle Korver now for the open looks, and maybe revitalize Philly. I don't expect Philly to make the playoffs, but you never know how Miller's leadership may benefit them. A friend suggested the Sixers would be better off waiting for a good draft pick, such as phenom Greg Oden from Ohio State. Point taken, but the Sixers still look headed for lottery status in June.

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