Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Sixth Man - Book

If you're an NBA fan, I highly recommend the book, "The Sixth Man" by Chris Palmer.

Basically the story follows 5 different NBA guys through their 2004-05 NBA season. These players include RIP Hamilton, Luol Deng, Tracy McGrady, Elton Brand, and Damon Jones. It's interesting in the fact that the writer depicts what its like to "live the baller's life". Everything from the road trips, to injury woes, to ostentatious uses of salary, to celebrity sights and hook-ups. Its not the only story either, as you get an idea of what this writer must go through as an "average Joe" who loves the game, who's trying to get the inside scoop and travel from NBA city to city to get his stories..he also goes through the same daily mishaps as us mere mortals.

Reading about Kid Rock drinking a Pabst's beer while chatting with Derrick Coleman in the Pistons lockerroom, is one highlight. Another is the writer's brush with Paris Hilton at a Knicks game, or the behind the scenes look at RIP Hamilton's b-day bash, complete with Maybach, Mink fox coat and hostile fan scene in the club..The story is full of great insights and a look at the glam, triumph and tragedy behind the scenes of the NBA.

If you're an NBA or sports fan, you wont be disappointed reading this one..The writer's ability to capture the essence of his own life plus those of the players is impressive and captivating. Soon you'll be feeling as if you're part of the entourage and living the NBA baller life..


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