Saturday, December 23, 2006

Are the Wizards Contenders?

The Wizards have now done it. They've played spoilers to two streaking teams in the very tough Western conference. Each team, the Mavs and Suns had at least 12 victories in a row, until they met the Wizards. Call it superstition or damn good basketball, but it seems as if Gilbert Arenas elevates his game for these contests, and knows whats on the line. It makes you wonder if people are seriously overlooking Washington as a contender in the East. Could they beat Cleveland should they face off again this year? It remains to be seen, but you know Mr. Arenas would love the chance. Tonight he reeled off another 50 plus point game, in the OT win over Phoenix. Can't ask for more from this guy, who's going from star to superstar/household name status quickly. You were fooled, as he says in the popular Adidas commercial.

We also finally got the much anticipated debut of AI in Denver to a warm receptive crowd. AI didn't disappoint with 22 points 10 assists in the game. He should do well there but tonight was on the receiving end of a loss. Right now the Nuggets have an undersized/undermanned lineup. With Melo, JR Smith and AI all together, things will be quite interesting now. On the other side of the trade, the Sixers managed to win with their new lineup. Granted they played a Celtics team who is without Paul Pierce for 3 weeks or so.

And the Knicks make it 3-0 since the brawl. Now what does that tell you? Cut some pieces off that incorrectly stacked machine they have in New York and you might just start contending for more in the East than a top lottery pick. Tonight's win was more convincing over the Bulls and even evoked a standing O from the Knicks crowd. Now that's tough to do..


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