Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lebron & NFL Playoffs

Yep, it's called Love & Basketball but just have to speak on the upcoming NFL playoffs. (Football ranks a distant 2nd to b-ball). To keep a bit of NBA in here, anyone catch Lebron's full court heave vs the Celtics that banked in? Incredible and almost the same shot he's shown hitting in that fake Powerade commercial, except other side of the court..A remarkable player who's worth the price of a ticket almost any game.

For the NFL, I'm biased for my Bears. I'm hoping they can shape up in time for the playoffs. Even though last game saw Rex Grossman sit for the 2nd half and Brian Griese got the QB role, I'm hoping Grossman is learning from mistakes. I don't see Griese leading them to the Superbowl. I believe they have the top special teams and D in the NFC/NFL and can make it to the promised land based on that.

Bias aside, if the Bears fail to make it, it will be a Saints vs Chargers Superbowl, which would be spectacular. The running games of Ladanian Tomlinson and Reggie Bush both on display. Two recently rescued QB's competing; Brees and Philip Rivers, it would be a spectacle and a great game for the nation to see. LT should be the league MVP this year, and Reggie Bush is probably going to be a close 2nd in votes for the ROY race (behind Vince Young).

Don't count out the Eagles or Colts. The Eagles have been incredibly hot lately, hottest in the NFL, without Donovan McNabb. Jeff Garcia has quarterbacked the success of this team, and they may just march themselves to the big game. The Colts are getting hated on, mainly because they've failed to make a superbowl when expected to so many seasons. This time people might have just forgot about the team and they finally make it.

So all that said, I'll just make some gut predictions on the upcoming weekend's games (I don't watch football nearly as much as NBA)..

Jets over Pats
Indy over KC
Dallas over Seattle
Philly over NY Giants

These promise to be some pretty good games. The Jets Pats will probably be the best first round game, as both teams have played well and come from the same division, making this a game of familiar foes.

As easy as it sounds look for the two best records in the NFL to meet in the big game. Final prediciton: Bears vs Chargers for the Superbowl, and if not Bears, the Saints make it.

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