Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NBA Notes 1.24.07

Some of the latest observations from the NBA..

- Dikembe Mutombo was honored during last night's State of the Union speech/address by George W. Bush. Mutombo was honored for his great contributions to help with building a hospital in the Congo. He was honored along with other great American heroes, including the man who rescued a trapped man from a subway train car wreck and a soldier who shielded his fellow soldiers from gunfire. Congratulations to all those honored. Mutombo had a seat next to the first lady.

- There is a new Nike "The 2nd Coming" commercial which features superstars such as Amare Stoudamire, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Elton Brand. The music track was layed down by Just Blaze, the famous producer behind recent hits such as "Show Me What Ya Got" by Jay-Z. The commercial promotes a new generation of Nike sneaker available as well.

- Jason Kidd appears to have changed his routine at the free throw line. Kidd used to blow a kiss to the stands before taking a free throw, to signify him sending love to his wife and son. Now Kidd kisses his hand and then seems to wipe his backside. Is he sending a new message to his wife Joumana, who he has filed charges against and is getting divorced from?

- The Suns have won their 2nd 15 game streak as of this writing. An incredible feat that not many teams have accomplished in NBA history. Tonight Stoudamire, Nash and Marion all had double doubles..Now thats some sickness. Despite this, the Mavs still have a better record and many consider Dallas and San Antonio amongst the top 3 teams, with the Nuggets at the 4 spot..And then there's Utah and the Rockets and Lakers..the West is setting the scene for some great playoff bball later this year.

- The tandem of Iverson/Melo has been top notch so far, going 2-0. Iverson played less selfish with his new teammate and the 2 were able to get their scoring on. Many people were quick to say these guys couldn't exist together, but it all comes down to the very title of this blog: Love & Basketball..If you got the love, then you give the love to your teammates, and Iverson is doing so..

- Looking at potential trades, the names that have to be on the block still are Ron Artest, Kevin Garnett, J-Kidd, and Richard Jefferson. Richard Jefferson is part of the big 3 in NJ and it doesn't seem with all the rookie talent that the Nets are going to keep this in tact. I've heard J-Kidd's name mentioned as a PTI topic on ESPN's hit debate show. They contend that J Kidd's legal mess with his wife Joumana could cloud things with his teammates and make the organization want him gone..hmmm, phat chance? KG definitely deserves a move. The T-Wolves aren't winning the title this year or next with this team, and all this despite having one of the greatest power forwards in the game. KG needs to have a new home where he can make a bigger difference.

- Finally, during tonight's televised Rockets Spurs game, commentator Bill Walton said he puts Duncan in his top 15 of "All Time". While Walton is very admired in basketball circles, I would put Duncan more like in a top 20. Here's 15 who are probably better All time than Duncan (I don't mean to hate, but let's get the ball rolling)

Michael Jordan,
Bill Russell,
Kareem Abdul Jabbar,
George Mikan,
Jerry West,
Bob Petit,
Bob Cousy,
Charles Barkley,
Moses Malone,
Wilt Chamberlain,
Magic Johnson,
Larry Bird,
Oscar Robertson,
Julius Erving
Karl Malone

Some may debate names on the list for days, including Malone, but like I said Duncan is probably a few notches below the names on the above list. He may even be one spot ahead of the famed commentator, Bill Walton ;) I'd also include Kobe amongst the top 20 and maybe even Jason Kidd.


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