Friday, January 12, 2007

New Home for C-Webb

Chris Webber was officially released from the Philadelphia Sixers, pending a buyout of his current contract. Webber, who appeared on last night's TNT halftime show during the Bulls vs Nets game, would not specify how much the buyout amount was. He did say he could see himself playing for several teams currently, and can adapt to most playing styles. He also says he would want to be a starter on a team. He said the reported rumour that he was going to Detroit was untrue, but he expects to have a new home by Monday.

While C-Webb is a talented veteran power forward, he's no longer young and spry like he used to be. Back in his Michigan days or his days as a Bullet or King when he used to explode like the all-star caliber player he is. His biiggest highlight still remains the around the back dunk over Charles Barkley as a rookie, but he has come to play night in and night out since. Until Philly where he's been sort of an enigma. He didn't exactly push the team into the next level, but he could be a good fit for another team. Say the New Jersey Nets who are without big-man Nenad Krstic. Webber says hes open to playing at Center and even mentioned the Nets. Webber could play in LA with Kobe, which would instantly improve that teams depth, even more. He could wind up playing for a number of playoff teams or even bubble teams that need size up front. But I do agree with alot of what I've heard, that Webber will have to give up some of his ego and settle for maybe a bench role, and not expect to be a starter. It's true sometimes if you want that NBA title, you have to sacrifice a bit, especially if you're a veteran. Look at Gary Payton, Mourning and Jason Williams in Miami, they all put aside their respective pride and played for the greater good.

In addition to the Webber news, I was surprised to see the news this A.M. that Earl Boykins, shortest player in the league, got traded from Denver to Milwaukee. Some guys just seem to morph into their jerseys and become symbolic of the team. For example Allen Iverson, and even Earl Boykins. The little big man is definitely going to be missed in the Rocky City of Denver, for his stature on the court exceeded his physical size.


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