Thursday, January 11, 2007

NBA Party Scene

Happy B-day to Gilbert Arenas who turned the big 2-5 this past week. He had quite the affair from what was reported. Over 5,400 guests, including the official Bad Boy himself, P Diddy. Gilbert who tends to stay in hotel rooms and not go out as much as his NBA counterparts, said he was glad he got to meet alot of the stars who showed up because he doesn't normally do so. His dad said he was happy to do the same. Gilbert should be seeing plenty of stars when he makes the All-star team out in Vegas this February.

Dikembe Mutombo has been hosting block parties ever since his arrival into the NBA, from his days of being a twin-tower at Georgetown, to his play for teams like the Nuggets, Hawks, Nets, and now the Rockets. Mutombo moved into 2nd all time on the NBA blocks list, right behind another great big man, Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon. IT was noted by many reporters and sources, that many of Kareem Abdul Jabbar's blocks were not recorded early in his career due to the stat not being tracked. Bill Russell has no blocks recorded because the stat came into existence after his playing time ended.

Finally a party should be thrown for the NBA, because we are finally getting a bunch of great Centers in the league once again. You have Yao Ming, despited injury out West, who shoots the ball outside better than so many big predecessors. You've got a guy like Dwight Howard putting up monstrous games of 30 points and 25 boards, the NBA should be seeing the next Bill Russell/Wilt/Jabbar dominating center right here. And then Greg Oden, the third beast from Ohio State will be joining the league most likely in 2007-08, providing yet another big presence at Center, and some great matchups between the Magic,Rockets and whoever lands Oden. As Shaq leaves the league in the next few years we can now be delighted by the performances of these youngsters down in the paint. Throw a party for the arrival of some great centers in the NBA, which has been unseen for such a long time!


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