Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Kidd's Story

It appears Jason Kidd has filed a formal charge/complaint against his wife Joumana for spousal abuse. Apparently Kidd reports his wife has kicked, punched and thrown things at him over the past several years. Kidd was formally charged with abuse/assault/battery on Joumana, for slapping her face over a french fry incident. J Kidd has filed divorce proceedings now as well.

According to Fox News this AM, Joumana has gone far in trying to "spy" on Jason's activities. She has reportedly bugged his car, stolen his laptop to check it out and sent their young son into the Nets' lockerroom to bring her J Kidd's cell phone to check for the numbers he's dialed out.

A crazy story going on here and it's always tough to choose sides. Since Kidd was charged before, it makes it tough to know who's telling the truth here. Kidd's free throw routine currently involves him blowing a kiss to the stands before shooting. This is a tribute of love and affection to his wife and young "Kidd", but the routine may be changing soon..Stay tuned.


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