Friday, January 19, 2007

40 Ounces of Gilbert

No player has had more 40 plus point games in the NBA season than Gilbert Arenas. Believe it or not, Kobe's had 6, Lebron has had 0. Gilbert has scored 40 or more points in 7 NBA games this season, and is not looking back.

I hate to hype one guy so much, but right about now, Gilbert is the man, winning games, outdoing Kobe in shooting contests and is a lock for an All-star spot, possibly the scoring title and maybe the MVP award. He talked about being more of a household name and promoting himself earlier this season, and by gosh, he's doing it, and doing it well. He probably is still unknown if you ask most households if they heard of him, but if you're into the NBA right now, you definitely know the name..

Here's the 7 games as of this blog that Gilbert has hit the 40 point or more mark:

Nov 4 - Boston Celtics 44 pts
Nov 8 - Indiana Pacers 40 Pts
Nov 18 - Cleveland Cavs 45pts
Dec 9 - Houston Rockets 41 pts
Dec 17 - LA Lakers 60 pts
Dec 22 - Phoenix Suns 54pts
Jan 15 - Utah Jazz 51pts

Not too shabby. The Wizards definitely look like one of the top 4 in the East in my estimation. People try to point to Miami and Indiana as ahead of the Wiz, but you've got Agent 0 playing like this and Caron Butler also having an all star caliber year.

Let's see how many more 40 plus games Gil racks up..and oh yea, #24, Kobe himself is only 1 game behind and we saw what he put up on the Raptors last season...

By the way, if you're interested shows off celebrity cars on its magazine site. Check out some of Gil's rides here: Gilbert's Cars

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