Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ESPN Who's Now: Shaq vs. Lebron

It's down to just 3 star athletes in the ESPN Who's Now tournament to determine the most "Now" athlete in the sports world. Debates have gone down for several weeks and fans have voted, accounting for 90% of each decision. An ESPN panel of 3 sports experts and or celebs has discussed the matchups and their vote accounts for the rest of the decision.

The final 3 athletes remain in 2 head-to-head matchups:

July 29: Tiger Woods defeats Peyton Manning
July 30: LeBron James vs. Shaquille O'Neal

Vote in the Lebron James vs. Shaq until 6pm tonight.

Shaq vs. Lebron is being voted on today. It's going to be an interesting vote. I'd give the edge to Lebron right now but a very close edge. He's the more Now athlete based on making the NBA Finals (losing gracefully), co-hosting the ESPY's with Jimmy Kimmel and having an upcoming gig hosting SNL in September. Lebron's got Nike and Sprite endorsement deals amongst others and is the up and coming face of the new NBA generation, along with guys like Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade.

Shaq was in the Finals in 2006 and was a winner of his 4th NBA title. He also has reality TV show where he helps kids overcome obesity issues. In addition, Shaq is recognizable all over due to his stature and celebrity status. This is why this will probably be a very tough and close vote. Who would get your vote?

Vote in the ESPN Who's Now tournament here.

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