Monday, July 30, 2007

KG to Celtics Trade Rumor

The Kevin Garnett to the Celtics rumor is alive again. Reports are circulating about a blockbuster trade to bring KG into Beantown where he would join NBA All-star players Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.


"But the latest incarnation of the trade is believed to include the following five Celtics for a total of $18,921,547: Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair and Ryan Gomes. If no other Celtics are added to the deal, Boston could only take back $23,751,934 in salary, meaning Garnett would have to consent to waiving nearly $5 million of his trade kicker ... $4,998,066 to be exact."

If this deal goes down, you'd have to put the Celtics as one of the top teams in the East and a viable contender for the NBA title. They would need to add some depth to their bench with all the players they'd lose in the trade, but those 3 definitely make for a top notch bunch of starting players. The inside presence of KG combined with the outside shooting of guys like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce would give the Celtics that inside-outside presence needed to win games, and alot of them. It might take 1 year to have the team fully gel, but it would definitely be a great move for both teams, even the T-Wolves.

You have to figure the T-Wolves are looking to rebuild right now and getting a group of young talent is a good move. The Celtics seem to be trying to please fans and return to the playoffs and the Celtics glory of title contention. Adding KG would do that. reports several sources are saying that the deal is official, you can read the story here. Local news reports have indicated it appears this deal is done, but no official word has been given by, or other sources as of this entry.

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