Thursday, July 26, 2007

7 Best Basketball Movies

As a basketball junkie, I've seen many of the basketball movies that are out there. Here are my 7 favorites I'd recommend to any serious basketball fan:

1)Love and Basketball (New Line Platinum Series) - Lends its name to this very blog and myspace page. This movie is quintessential in that it represents so much. It covers basketball, love and how the two relate. Love for the game, and love between two individuals. It goes over the saga of two childhood friends, their aspirations to make it big in basketball and love. The story will touch you, if you have a heart...Okay, enough sappiness ;)

2)Hoosiers - Almost everyone puts this at the top of their list, and I would be remiss not to have it at this spot. Heralded by many as the true American basketball classic, because it covers the pain and suffering, and the heartache that goes into the game. Follow the legendary team on their quest in a true story of determination. It definitely shows the heart and love for the game.

3) Glory Road (Widescreen Edition) - Similar to Hoosiers in its story, it's a disney production and done very well. No real A-list actors here, but definitely a great dramatic story is told (a true story as well). It chronicles the first coach to start African American basketball players for his college team. A concept that was met with controversy at the time, but gives a very interesting account of this history.

4) Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition) - Many people may disagree with this choice, saying it's been done before..They may say it's another one of those inner city dramas about a coach taking over a team in turmoil, but this one works and has heart. This was a true story and Samuel Jackson played the role of Coach Carter very well. It's got its share of drama and humor, and basketball.. Worth the watch.

5) Hoop Dreams - Criterion Collection - This one's a doozy, in that its a looong movie and a documentary. It follows the story of two high schoolers both looking to make it big to the NBA one day. Includes footage of actual basketball personalities as well as they give their commentary in the two players' quests. The length of the film may be hard for some to handle, but it provides a very insightful look into how high school players prepare for their dream to try to make the NBA.

6) White Men Can't Jump
- Some people might not like this one, but its comedy, and all about streetball and hustling. It was great in its day, and an original concept. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson make a great combo, and this gave people a great catch phrase to use out on the courts.

7)He Got Game - Gotta give love to my man Ray Allen outta UCONN. His big screen debut as Jesus Shuttleworth, young baller. Ray is a hot prospect trying to get himself into the best college so he can make the NBA. The movie shows the ins and outs of the recruiting game, as well as Denzel Washington as Ray's father who is in prison for murder and wants his son to outdo him. Great story.

So there you have it. I'm still awaiting "Space Jam 2" starring Lebron James. If you agree/disagree or feel I've left a movie out you enjoyed particularly, feel free to comment..Of course, Blue Chips and Kazaam comments will be ignored :)

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