Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Priciest NBA Cribs

One thing about NBA Stars is they know how to live in lavish homes. MTV Cribs ran a marathon of its show this Saturday called "Priciest Pads Countdown". The show, hosted by Kimora Lee Simmons, featured more than a few NBA stars ranked on the top 25 list.

#22 was the Houston Rocket, Steve Francis' home, featuring a downstairs barbershop as well as outdoor poll and b-ball court.

At #20 was Detroit Piston,Rasheed Wallace, with a home worth an estimated $9 million. His home had the standard movie theater complete with popcorn machine, candy, and life-size predator statue (value of $8000).

#17 was NBA star Penny Hardaway's 12 million dollar Phoenix Arizona crib. The home featured an outdoor pool, bball/tennis court and putting green as well as an indoor bowling alley. It also included a picture of the home where Penny grew up in Memphis, which featured just 4 rooms.

#13 was the legendary Shaquille O'Neal's 64,000 square foot home in Orlando Florida (pictured above). Shaq's huge kitchen had a fridge stocked with popsicles, french fries and ice cream. He also has a movie theater complete with the "S" symbol on the carpeted floor and a bed that measures at 15x30 and prices at $32,000. It is the largest bed in MTV Cribs history.

The #1 priciest Crib as shown on MTV Cribs belongs to billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Branson who owns Virgin Records. The home is on its own island in the British Virgin Islands and is worth an estimated $150 million dollars.

Amazingly, no NBA stars ranked in the top top 10, but expect Lebron James to change that if his soon to be completed mansion in Ohio gets showcased on an upcoming MTV Cribs.

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