Thursday, July 26, 2007

NBA News - Ref Scandal

The NBA is in the news, and the season has yet to start. Go figure. The referee scandal is monopolizing headlines along with the Michael Vick scandal and the Barry Bonds scandal. Don't forget to add in the Chris Benoit/WWE/Scandal.

A few days ago David Stern discussed the allegations against one of its former referees, Tim Donaghy. Since then, a flurry of news reports and articles have come out. Here's a sampling for your reading pleasure:

Players Speak Out on NBA Referee Scandal
MSNBC Newsweek article which includes comments from various players such as Allen Iverson and a few unnamed superstars. Are the anonymous stars fearing for their lives? Iverson is definitely one tough dude.

NBA's fix: Illegal bookies could help prevent gambling scandals
USA Today article discussing how gambling experts say if David Stern wants to avoid a repeat, his league should go beyond its current reliance on law enforcement and legal betting regulators in Nevada and forge new and better relationships with illegal bookmakers who are usually the first to get wind of game-fixing scams.

A Scandal The NBA Can Live With which looks at the NBA business and how the scandal will not hurt it, discussing how controversy doesn't always hurt sports. Mark Cuban comments in the article as well as some sports marketing experts.

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