Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Celtics as Contenders?

With the Celtics not only acquiring Ray Allen, but also Kevin Garnett, sports fans in Boston have reason to celebrate their teams again. Specifically, the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots who all look like viable postseason contenders, again. Sorry Bruins.

The Celtics now have a trio of stars who can now win the game for them. I've seen analysts say they are not a lock for the playoffs, and I agree. If any one of the big three becomes hurt, that can take a toll. Without much depth now, and until they grab a decent backup for Rajon Rondo at point, the Celtics will only have those 3 guys to count on. However, when you have an outside shooter as pure as Ray Allen and an inside presence like KG to grab rebounds, put back shots and cause doubleteams, that is one vicious team.

If the 3 stay healthy, and if they can all get along (which I believe they can), then the Celtics are definitely a Top 4 team in the East. I'd put them along with the Bulls, Pistons, Cavs for those spots. It's hard to count the Heat out, but with their aging veterans, I think they may struggle for a playoff spot. There's also some other talented players who moved East. Specifically, having Rashard Lewis with Dwight Howard in Orlando. It should be an interesting battle to see the Celtics play them. Howard vs KG in the East.

Now are the Celtics contenders for the NBA title? Most teams in the East who make the playoffs are, but it may take several seasons for the Celts to gel and create the role players. They need to acquire the extra pieces to fill many of the voids left by the guys they traded off. But in the East, which has been considered weak for years now, they are definitely a team that can rack up a 50 win season and defeat many opponents. It will be interesting to see who is the leading scorer. Will Allen and Garnett defer to Pierce? Will Pierce play a secondary role to Garnett? That may be the interesting aspect to see and could also play a part in their success. There's been many great 3 man trios who were scoring threats in the NBA but that doesn't always translate to a title. So time will tell, but the Celtics definitely are a powerhouse, just with those 3 names on the roster.

Note: There's an interesting blog article at about Kobe Bryant's possible reaction to KG going to Boston.

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