Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lebron vs the Spurs?

That's what many may call this NBA Finals, but don't be fooled. Lebron does have a supporting cast. You can almost call it "deja vu". Last year we saw D-Wade arrive to the spotlight, taking over and bringing his Miami Heat team to a 4-2 NBA Finals victory, giving the young star his 1st trophy. Now it appears to be Lebron's turn. Only difference, Lebron doesn't have the talents of 3 potential hall of famers with him (Shaq, Zo, G Payton).

So the question now becomes is Lebron's talent on par to help his team overcome such a seasoned and talented team like San Antonio. I say yes, but it's not going to be easy for the young star. He had to turn in a miraculous double overtime performance in Game 5 against the Pistons. He will need probably a few games close to that level to take out Duncan and his mates. If you compare the teams, you would say the edge goes to the Spurs. But if you check the head-to-head season matchups, Cleveland has won both..hmmm...

Think back to the days of Michael Jordan and then take a look at the Cavs team. Lebron doesn't have any Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman, but you can see Zydrunas and Anderson Varajuo as the Luc Longley and Bill Wennington types of this team. Larry Hughes, while not 100% does offer some potential scoring help as does Daniel Gibson. Then you have great players off the bench capable of hitting a 3, such as Donyell Marshall or Damon Jones. Spurs definitely have the advantage in coaching, point guards and their upfront game, as well as bench. But Lebron just might have the star power and abilities to will his team to a victory.

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