Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Draft Debates

Now that last night's draft lottery has wrapped up, it brings about several interesting points:

1)The Celtics and Grizzlies, despite playing their best to lose and get the top 2 picks, did not get a pick in the top 3. Seems like kharma came back to bite them.

2)Skip Bayless of ESPN's Cold Pizza TV show, brought up the sad fact that the top 2 picks, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, will be heading out to Pacific Northwest for Portland and Seattle respectively. Neither team is considered a big market, and therefore these 2 great stars might become lost early on in terms of becoming household names. Additionally, these teams play late night home and West coast games, making these players less visible.

3)Jay Bilas of ESPN said the draft lottery last night was great to see because it was so unexpected. He said maybe a better way to do the draft is to give every team (the 13 or 14 in the lottery) 1 ping pong ball. Then after the top 3 teams are determined by ping pong ball selection, the remaining teams go by record (worst to best). Makes sense don't it?

4)On ESPN's Cold Pizza, they also discussed their top 3 NBA Draft steals of all time:

Damon's Top 3 Draft Steals:
Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman (#27 pick), Michael Jordan (#3 pick)

Skip Bayless Top 3 Draft Steals:
Michael Jordan (#3 pick), Larry Bird (#6 pick), Kobe Bryant (#13 pick)

5)On ESPN's "Mike and Mike", popular ESPN radio analysts, said the chances of the 3 teams who got the top 3 picks in last night's draft were less than the chances:

a) Shaq would make 11 consecutive free throws.
b) You would flip Heads on a coin 10 consecutive times.


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