Monday, May 07, 2007

Playoffs Keep Rollin...

Well we're now into Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs, and last year's 2 contenders have been knocked out. The Mavs elimination was the biggest shocker; nobody expected this team to go out like that. It goes to show that their former coach, Don Nelson, is a legend and knew exactly how to matchup and play his former team. And of course the fact the Warriors picked up playoff vets like Stephen Jackson and company form the Pacers doesn't hurt either. You'll notice Indiana didn't make the playoffs, so its easy to see who got the better end of that deal...

My 2 teams are still alive, in the Nets and Bulls. I've rooted for the Bulls since MJ's early rise, when I started to love basketball. The Nets came about during the Bulls' lull and the arrival of J-Kidd, and Kenyon Martin. My favorite player for a long time since Jordan has been Vince Carter, so the fact he's a Net makes them that much sweeter to watch. Add to the mix 2 UCONN rookies in Josh Boone and Marcus Williams, and I'll be a part Nets fan. That said both teams are down a game to their opponents. It's tough to say that either team will win the series they are in. I picked Cleveland at the start of the season to make the finals. Now it's time to see if Lebron can elevate his game, and knock out some teams..

Speaking of knock out, I'd also love to see the Spurs get knocked out by Phoenix. Today's game was disappointing in that Steve Nash got his nose busted open in the final few minutes. He came into the game briefly to hit a 3 pointer, but after that was benched because they just couldn't stop the bleeding. Without Nash the Suns collapsed and gave up game 1 to San Antonio. But it's 1 game and we all know, the Suns are capable of 12 game plus winning streaks...

I'm going to have to go against my teams and say we see Cleveland and the Pistons advance for a rematch of last year's playoffs, and then Phoenix vs Utah in the West. I think I'd prefer to see Phoenix playing Dallas or San Antonio next round, but its impossible. In addition to that, if the Suns don't handle business, San Antonio has a cakewalk to the finals (no disrespect Utah or Golden State).

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