Monday, April 02, 2007

The House Lebron Built

Recently publicized is the under-construction 35,440 square foot house of Cleveland Cavs NBA megastar, Lebron James. The home began construction this past August in Bath Township (Ohio), 20 miles from Cleveland, and is set to be completed summer of 2008. King James' new palace features a barbershop, movie theater, casino, bowling alley and 2 story walk in closet. Also included are a six car garage and a grand foyer with a limestone sculpture of Lebron's head with headband on. it appears there are no indoor basketball court or pool in the works, yet.

James' home is also 800 feet away from many other residents, which leaves people curious as to why a celeb/baller of his mangnitude wouldn't want more privacy. James' future neighbors aren't overly enthused about the attention the construction project is getting right now either. They have had to deal with the issues of nosey photographers parking in the streets and being around the under development home. Some neighbors have complained they just want to get home and have to wait to turn into their driveways. One neighbor even told his wife they wont let their kids invite Lebron over for a shootaround. The man says he doesn't want to be the home that guys egged if Lebron twists an ankle there.

For more info on the James' estate, see the CNNSI article:

Also check out the Akron Beacon Journal story:


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