Friday, June 15, 2007

Game Notes; Game 4 Cavs vs Spurs

Game Notes Game 4: Cavs vs Spurs (Spurs lead 3-0)

1st quarter: Mike Breem, color commentator/analyst, announced that this would be the biggest comeback miracle in sports if the Cavs manage to win the next 4 games. Jeff Van Gundy talked about Lebron needing to play better and Cavs needing to win 1 game and go from there. It was noted Lebron James' had his second child born earlier today. San Antonio looked sharp as usual, executing its plays and playing solid defense. Cavs hung with the Spurs by shooting well, including great shots by Daniel Gibson and a baseline slam from Lebron in the final 2 minutes. Cavs managed to escape quarter 1 with a 1 point lead, although Lebron was smacked in the face as the quarter ended. The Spurs had 5 turnovers in the 1st quarter.

Score: 20 - 19 Cavs

2nd quarter: Spurs started to pull ahead again, but the Cavs held tight and stayed with them. Lebron was called for a charge on Jacques Vaughn which resulted in Lebron exiting the game to get his leg/knee looked at. Mike Breem noted that many aren't aware of Tim Duncan's sense of humor. A San Antonio TV skit was shown that featured Tim Duncan in a Johnny Carson like role with guests Tony Parker and Bret Barry. Duncan did the famous "read the contents of the envelope" sketch from Carson's Tonight Show, where he said "Hedo Turkoglu, Dirk Nowitski and PJ Carlesimo". Duncan opened the envelope and read it saying "Name a Turk, a Dirk and a jerk". Tony Parker continued his excellent play as he knocked down a 3 and hit a key layup with under 4 minutes to go. He was 6 for 6 from the field at this point. With under 1:30 to play, Lebron James bricked a 3, and the Cavs were 1 for their last 7 from the field. It was noted Lebron had become the Cavs all time leading playoff scorer in just 2 seasons, surpassing Mark Price.

Score: 39-34 Spurs at the half.

3rd Quarter: Spurs continued to press ahead, as the commentators discussed the San Antonio dynasty and how it is surpassing that of the Pistons and Rockets. Also discussed was who has been the best player since Michael Jordan in the NBA. Comparisons were made between Duncan, Shaq & Kobe. Mark Jackson said Shaq is easily the most dominant player on the planet since the days of MJ. Jeff Van Gundy argued that the case could be made for Duncan who hasn't really had a second star by his side (as Shaq has had Kobe and D-Wade). Spurs continued to out rebound and outshoot Cleveland in the final minutes of the quarter. Ilgauskas missed a wide open side jumper off a Lebron pass, and then Parker knocked down a J to give the Spurs an 11 point lead. Cavs hit a 3 with under a minute to go to knock the Spurs' lead to just 8. Quarter ended with a Lebron vs. Horry jumpball situation. Spurs missed a heave with 2.2 seconds to go. Another bad 3rd quarter for the Cleveland Cavs, as the commentators discussed their season 12 minutes away from ending.

Score: 60-52 Spurs

4th Quarter: Donyell Marshall missed an early 3, which Varujao then volleyball batted out of bounds. Marshall redeemed himself with back to back layups to cut the lead down to just 4. Cavs played inspired through the first half of the 4th, as Varujao took a charge from Duncan. Duncan started to take matters in his hands with a hook shot and then a tip in on a missed Ginobli free throw. Duncan picked up his 4th foul with about 5 minutes to play. Duncan knocked the ball away from Lebron with about 2 mins to go, as Umberto then scored yet another layup. Ginobli fouled Damon Jones on a three-point attempt with under 10 seconds left. Jones hit all 3 and the Cavs fouled. Ginobli hit 4 free throws in the final 5 seconds to give the Spurs the title. Damon Jones knocked down a 3 at the buzzer to give the Spurs just a 1 point win and the 4-0 sweep.

Final: 83 - 82 Spurs win their 4th NBA Title and complete a 4-0 Sweep.

Commentary: Lebron's 1st trip to the Finals resulted in a tall test, and unfortunately Lebron did not capture his first title. The Spurs added to their dynasty and title reign by adding Title #4. Robert Horry with his 7th NBA Championship and Michael Finley with his 1st. NBA Commissioner David Stern presented the trophy to the Spurs. Tony Parker was presented with the MVP of the finals award. Michael Finley took the game ball and said he was probably going to keep it in his bed between he and his wife. Robert Horry said he will most likely return again next season to try to repeat.

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