Thursday, October 25, 2007

NBA Trade & Durant Injured

The big news, if you want to call it that, had the Timberwolves and Heat pulling the trigger on a deal yesterday, which sent Ricky Davis from the Timberowlves over to the heat, and Antoine Walker to Minnesota. Other guys were involved, but those two are the focuses. I guess the idea would be for Davis to provide some scoring relief for Wade, or even be his back up with Gary Payton not really there. In Minnesota, Al Jefferson should shine and Walker may be able to take him under his wing to help improve him even more. Walker's aged and I don't expect him to be a top scorer in Minnesota, but stranger things have happened. Most likely the Twolves will belong to Big Al or Randy Foy this year, as they struggle mightily.

Greg Oden will be sitting the sidelines this season after knee surgery. It seems now that the #2 pick in the draft is now hurt as well, but not as seriously. Kevin Durant suffered an ankle sprain this past Tuesday against Golden State, which may keep him out of the lineup for the season opener next week. Luckily this injury is not as serious as Oden's, so Durant should see time and success this season. has a Supersonics season preview here.

Check back here for an article full of prediced NBA award winners in 2007-08 on Friday.

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