Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Kobe Trade Hysteria

Gossip entertainment site recently caught up with Dallas Mavericks owner and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Mark Cuban. TMZ not only asked Cuban about his dance moves but also about his basketball team moves.


"TMZ caught up with our favorite dancing fool in West Hollywood last night. The topic of conversation shifted from the Bossa Nova to basketball; would Cuban go after troubled Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant? Probably not, Cuban says, explaining, "You always talk, but you know this world -- nothing happens."

As for Kobe and the Lakers' recent losing ways, Cuban joked, "Doesn't break my heart. The less help they get, the better!" (Source:

Cuban has stated that there will not be a Dirk Nowitski for Kobe trade. Of course the NBA's Eastern Conference wouldn't mind adding yet another West talent to its side. Detroit Free Press discusses the possible power shift a Kobe trade would bring to the East. Baltimore Sun discusses why the Chicago Bulls should pursue Kobe. Chicago Tribune says the Bulls don't need him. Right. Bringing Kobe to any squad immediately elevates their contender status beyond what it already was.

As for now, Kobe's locker is still in Los Angeles.

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