Friday, September 28, 2007

Gil Arenas - Kicks, Whips & Relationships

Gilbert Arenas, aka Agent 0, has a new shoe coming out called the "Gil II Zero" (Gil 2 Zero). The shoe will be offered in 20 different versions next year, with limited editions. Smart marketing ploy. You can check out more about the shoe and its promotions here at Gilbert's Blog.

Gilbert also goes on to blog about a recent dispute he had with his girlfriend in "Relationships 101". The dispute came about due to his daughter messing up the back seat of a car with yogurt, rocks and sticks, prompting Gilbert to ask his girlfriend if she was ever going to clean the car. The fight resulted in Gilbert going on strike, having to walk a good mile to get to the gym (his girlfriend had been driving him), and spending 7 days sleeping at the gym (because he was on strike). An interesting story indeed.

Check out the blog of Gilbert Arenas here at

Gilbert also has a contest going on at his website, to win a complete Spaulding basketball court. Contest ends October 1st, so enter now!

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