Monday, July 09, 2007

Parker & Eva Tie the Knot

Tony Parker added yet another ring to his collection on this past Friday; a wedding ring. Parker married Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria in Paris with many Paparazzi and spectators looking on as the couple arrived. From

" Longoria, 32, showed up first in a white stretch limo, wearing a short pink Chanel dress with striped black and white straps. She was accompanied by about eight guests in cream, pink and purple dresses, most carrying small shopping bags. She turned, smiled and waved for the crowd of waiting photographers and reporters who were kept well back behind two rows of police barriers.

Longoria then changed into a short white dress for the ceremony, said Bertinotti – whose office acted as the dressing room.

Parker, the 25-year-old San Antonio Spurs star who was born in Belgium and grew up playing basketball in France, arrived about 10 minutes later, wearing a dark suit. He went straight in without waving. French soccer star Thierry Henry was in his group.

In between, other guests arrived in a Humvee stretch limo that, strangely, had California licence plates.

The ceremony, in a salon with blue-and-white trimmed walls, a French flag and a portrait of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, lasted about 45 minutes. Bertinotti said there was a small reception afterward that lasted also about 45 minutes."

Great to see Parker add another trophy and ring to his growing collection. Parker also indicated he is anxious to have kids, so we just might see a Parker, Jr. ballin' in the NBA in the future..

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