Saturday, June 30, 2007

Draft Thoughts

I have to say even though I don't know a ton of the names drafted, I find this to be one of the more exciting drafts. I think it offers a class of great talent to spark many great rivalries and championship runs to come in the NBA.

The no-brainer 1 and 2 picks of Oden and Durant are definitely exciting. People compare Oden to Duncan, Shaq even Bill Russell. He seems almost prophetically guaranteed to win titles now. Kevin Durant is supposedly 50/50 in the debate of who's better, which makes that yet another exciting prospect for Seattle. They now have a young team full of talent. While I'm not familiar with Jeff Green so much, Im anxious to see how both Portland and Seattle look next season.

Aside from that, 1 of my 2 favorite teams picked up Joakim Noah. Adding this guy to the Bulls to me is a great move. He fits in great with the energetic and youthful movement that John Paxson has going in Chicago and makes them an ultra-deep squad. It makes me even more excited about a possible championship run now. Many debated the choice of Noah, but I think he fits perfectly and can't wait to see what he adds.

After that, I'm barely familiar with the other names who went first round aside from guys like Acie Law and maybe Al Horford. Yi from China is someone I've heard mentioned here or there. All in all this will be one exciting class, because I'm not sure what to expect, but hear good things. In addition to that we had several big name players move to new addresses including Zach Randolph going to NYC, Ray Allen moving To Boston and Jason Richardson to Charlotte. It's starting to look like it will be one interesting 2007-08 season..

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