Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The NBA's Clock Error

During Game 2 of the Pistons versus Magic series, there was about 5 seconds left on the clock, quarter 3. The ball was inbounded, went up the full court, and eventually a 3 pointer was hit by Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, to give the Pistons a 2 point advantage. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and crew weren't pleased with the refs' decision to let the shot count, but the refs had no choice. Pistons win 100-93, Magic go down 2 games to none. The NBA just a few days later admits it, there was a screwup, and Billups' 3 should have been no good.

Let's face it, first off the Pistons are the better of the two teams, and playing some of the best basketball in the playoffs right now. It's a 7 game series, which gives Dwight and the Magic plenty of opportunity to recover. But the stuck clock issue is the sort of thing that can make or break a team in a game, as it gave the Pistons the lead and momentum which they continued with into the 4th. A whistle should have blown immediately to stop play, but for some reason the refs just let it go. Excuses can't be made for the Magic loss, the rules are the rules...but hopefully the NBA will look into changing this one as it could hurt a team during important contests.

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