Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kobe's the 2007-08 NBA MVP!

It's official, your 2007-08 NBA MVP is the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant. I'm in agreement that it's been a long time coming for Kobe to win this award. He's been in a league of his own for many seasons. However, this season I felt that maybe Chris Paul deserved it just a slight bit more. His performance to lift the Hornets to the level they were at was pretty impressive this past season. I expected them to compete in the West, but maybe at the bottom. Instead they are one of the top 2 in the West and right now lead the Spurs 2-0.

That's not to say what Kobe did shouldn't win him the award. But a consideration is the fact the Lakers brought in Pau Gasol mid-season. Gasol helped take the load off Kobe and gives so much to the team. So to think Kobe had less to work with would be absurd. Chris Paul does have guys like Peja, Mo Pete and David West, but I would rank Gasol and Lamar Odom over those guys in terms of all around play. I'd give the Lakers the edge in talent that Kobe had at his side.

I heard one other analyst say something about how Kobe started off prior to the season wanting a trade and being blah about the current Lakers team. Then he emerged to lead the way and unite the team. I don't think that's cause for an MVP award. Luckily, Kobe puts up the stats to back up his award winning season.

A tie still may have been the way to decide this award with Kobe and Paul hoisting the MVP award up together if and when they meet next round. The two teams finished close enough at the top of the West to warrant it.

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