Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pistons & Hornets Up 2-0

Deja vu yet again on Monday night as the Pistons defeated the Magic to take a 2-0 lead, and the Hornets are now up with an impressive 2-0 lead on the defending champion San Antonio Spurs.

The Pistons-Magic game was not without controversy. Chauncey Billups hit a 3 point shot with 5.8 on the clock near the end of a quarter. The shot gave Detroit a 2 point lead. The problem was the clock never started when the ball was thrown inbounds. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy protested that the shot shouldn't have counted. For some reason the refs decided it was legit. Pistons end up winning in a game that definitely may have deflated Orlando. That's not to say the Magic won't even the series in Orlando, but the Pistons are definitely playing in cruise control right now, with impressive wins.

The Hornets have impressed me most in the playoffs so far. I hadn't seen them play much during the regular season, and couldn't believe they were on top of the West. They now can say they have the champs down 2-0, with a 104-92 win over San Antonio Monday. Chris Paul churned out yet another great stat line of 30 points along with 12 assists to lead his troops. Hugo the Hornet and the Ring of Fire didn't factor into this game, but TNT still used it for jokes. After the game Tony Parker remarked that the Spurs don't feel their backs are against the walls. This is true, they are the world champs and are capable of overcoming a 2-0 deficit.

Tuesday night offers just one game and it should be a good one. The Cleveland Cavaliers travel into Boston to face what could be a worn down Celtics team for Game 1 of their series.

Don't forget there will be 23 cent large pizzas in Cleveland Thursday, regardless of a Cavs win or loss!

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