Friday, April 11, 2008

Consider the Celtics Champs Yet?

By now unless you're a resident of Boston or a diehard Celtics fan, you just might be sick of hearing about them. However, the Boston Celtics have had two very impressive milestones this season which make a strong case for championship ascension.

The first milestone is the Celtics have had the best turnaround season in NBA history. According to a statistic shown during last night's TNT NBA Game (Nuggets vs. Warriors), the Celtics have 38 more wins than they did last season. This is the biggest improvement in an NBA team, ever. Another team which had an impressive turnaround was San Antonio many years ago, and now they are considered amongst the NBA dynasties. The Celtics are of course a legendary dynasty in their own right, but the several years before this season were considered "Basketball Hell" in Beantown. Chalk up the turnaround to the obvious team clean up and reinstall measures. Hats off to Danny Ainge who most likely has GM of the year locked up, with his moves to bring in Ray Allen, then Kevin Garnett, then an array of great supporting cast members: Sam Cassell, Eddie House, James Posey. Rajon Rondo and Big Baby Glen Davis have also stepped up as youngsters on the team. Barring injuries to KG and Allen this past season they may have had a 70 win season.

If the turnaround isn't enough to show how impressive the Celtics are, consider their other milestone achieved. The Celtics have defeated EVERY NBA squad during this past season. That basically says the Celtics are capable of beating any team on the court with them, including every team in the highly competitive Western Conference. That's the sort of achievement that spells Championship Contender, or has many quickly calling the Celtics the 2007-08 Champs. Of course, the previously mentioned and current defending champion San Antonio Spurs may be standing in the way of the Celtics' return to glory. The NBA Finals just may be a matchup of the newest dynasty on the block vs. the storied Celtics as they return to form.

(Note: To all NBA basketball fans, NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad airs Saturday at 1PM EST on ABC. This Sunday's episode features top NBA Rookie of the Year candidate, the Sonics' Kevin Durant.)

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