Friday, March 28, 2008

Be Cool Kobe!

Wednesday night saw Kobe Bryant ejected from a crucial game, against the Charlotte Bobcats. It's crucial because in the West a loss puts a team like the Lakers from first down to a 3 way tie for second. LA now trails New Orleans by 1 game for first. Another loss or two could send the Lakers to the middle of the pack, about fourth or even worse. That's how tough the West has become this season.

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, Kobe earned his two techs within just 29 seconds. The T's came due to Kobe not liking a foul call and jawing with the officials. Sometimes star players aren't afforded too much talking time.

More about Lakers v. Bobcats here

You can now see how simple events could really hurt some West Coast teams. Dirk's recent injury is far from simple and it's unfortunate, but that injury according to Sportscenter could see Dallas not a part of the playoffs. Kobe is in dangerous territory because he's close to the max number for techs, before he starts having to sit out games. So Kobe basically needs to keep his emotions in check, and the rest will follow. If he doesn't, the Lakers could lose homecourt advantage in the playoffs, or even their playoff spot. I expect the Lakers will be in the playoffs, but again the slightest player lost from the roster, or a loss of Kobe could hurt them.

I still give Kobe props because his sick move against the Warriors several nights ago was one of the best I've seen in terms of 2007-08 NBA season highlights. Spinning through traffic and floating towards the basket only to give a no look wrap-around, backwards style pass to teammate Ronnie Turiaf for the basket? That's definitely where Amazing happened.

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