Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Eastern Conference 8 Spot

In the NBA's Eastern Conference, 7 of the 8 playoff spots have been claimed already, with several teams clinching last night. The Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers were among those who will be heading to the playoffs. I'll be the 1st to admit, I just didn't see this Sixers team being worthy of a playoff spot, but then again the East is nowhere near as tough and competitive as the Western Conference.

Here's how things look as of right now:

1 - Boston Celtics (60-15)
2 - Detroit Pistons (54-21)
3 - Orlando Magic (47-28)
4 - Cleveland (42-34)
5 - Philadelphia (39-37)
6 - Washington (39-37)
7 - Toronto (38-38)
8 - Atlanta Hawks (35-41)
(9) Indiana (32-44)
Games remaining: 6 (4 Home, 2 Away)

(10) New Jersey (31-45)
Games remaining: 6 (2 Home, 4 Away)

(11) Chicago (30-45)
Games remaining: 7 (4 Home, 3 Away)

Right now the Atlanta Hawks are perched at the 8 spot in the East. The New Jersey Nets seem to be falling out of contention despite having the talent of Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter. Losing a player the caliber of Jason Kidd obviously hurts quite a bit, as he ran the show and basically got the stats needed to help win games. They weren't exactly dominating with Kidd there though. So the Pacers, Bulls and Nets all have a legit shot at the final spot should Atlanta falter along the way. Atlanta, should they make that 8 spot, would be playing Boston first round of the playoffs. A possible preview of that will come April 12th in a regular season contest, in Atlanta. See more about the NBA Playoff picture at

Also in the East, the Milwauke Bucks have lost the services of their rookie Yi for the remainder of this NBA season. The Bucks along with Charlotte, the Knicks and Heat are all lottery bound.

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At 4/05/2008 12:46 PM, Blogger Alan son said...

I think Atlanta can go in to the playoff as New J is playing not good recently. However, it is probably for them to end up in 1st round because of facine Boston.
I am a NBA fans as well. This is my blog.
I hope you can come to give me some comment and exchange the link woth me.Thank you very much.


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