Sunday, January 20, 2008

Five Classic NBA Dunks

Kobe Bryant dunks

The other day ESPN Sportscenter flashed a stat about the 5 top dunkers in the NBA right now. They are Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler. This is based on number of dunks they've had for the 2007-08 season. Love and Basketball tracked down 5 of the greatest dunkers and their dunks to consider from NBA history.

So here's 5 NBA dunks for the ages:

Jordan Dunks on Ewing

Jordan avoids several Knicks' defenders, then spins on the baseline and literally jammed the ball down Ewing's throat on this play. It's one of the sickest dunks and statements in NBA history. Watch the footage on YouTube here (*a bit choppy but you'll get the point).

Vince Carter Y2K Dunk Title

Everyone loves to talk up Vince's dunk over the 7'2 French Player during the Sydney Olympics, however Vince really became the household name in the Y2K NBA All-Star game festivities. Watch the footage here.

Shawn Kemp With the Double Point

A guy who unfortunately became lost in the league after drug and weight problems. During his hey day he was one of the best dunkers around. This one came back in the day when self-expression and finger pointing braggadocious b-ball was still ok. It came at the expense of Alton Lister and afterwards Kemp gave him the double point as Lister layed stunned on the hardwood. Talk about a statement! Watch the dunk here.

Kobe Scales a Mountain - Ben Wallace

Before he was known for his defensive prowess, Wallace was a no name, and became a quick poster child for a Kobe dunk. In this highlight footage set to Beatnuts' "No Escapin' This", see Kobe at his best, finishing off with the Wallace dunk. Kobe basically scales a mountain and stretches like Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four to throw it down. Watch the incredible Kobe dunk footage here.

Nate Robinson Clean Up the Miss

This one came just a day ago, and in all fairness there's a ton of other great NBA dunks from NBA history, including Lebron, Jason Richardson, Shawn Marion, KG, D-Howard, Melo..The list can go on and on. However, when a guy who is about the same height as most average men (5'9") gets up and throws down a missed shot, that's something of pure beauty. Check out Nate as he jams it down after the miss, you won't believe what you're seeing, but Robinson can fly! Watch Robinson's dunk here.

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