Monday, December 10, 2007

Bottom of the NBA Barrel

A look at the worst teams in the NBA currently. From Worst to Best, the 5 worst NBA teams are:

Seattle Sonics 5-16
Minnesota T-Wolves 3-15
Miami Heat 5-15
Memphis Grizzlies 6-14
New York Knicks 6-13

No big surprises other than the Miami Heat here. The Knicks' fans have been chanting for Isiah Thomas to be fired or thrown in jail for weeks now. It's tough for them to be fans right about now. You could say that the Knicks and Grizzlies who round out that list have talented rosters but something just isn't gelling. You could blame it on coaching or that they aren't using their talent properly.

Perhaps the worst division is either the Northwest or the Central, where just two teams in each have winning records. Northwest of course holds many of the teams that have been scrapped or are in rebuild mode (Portland, Seattle and Minnesota). The Central is a surprise although you would expect Cleveland to fall below .500 without King James. The Bulls and Heat continue to remain enigmas, and you can't count either out for a push to the playoffs.

The best division in the NBA may be the Southwest. There you have the world champion Spurs and then New Orleans, Dallas and Houston with winning records. The Southeast may hold the most potential for a surprise or sleeper team in the playoffs as you have Washington, Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami all capable of making it, with the right effort, other teams' misfortunes and maybe luck.

View the full NBA Standings.

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