Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is 1 Superstar Better than Celtics Big 3?

Everyone was ready to crown the Celtics as the Eastern Conference top dogs just a few weeks ago. But it's amazing how things can change. You see the Celtics have 3 great players (2 of which are new to the team), and many believed that makes them unstoppable. But in a few instances it hasn't worked out that way. And those instances have come against top tier Eastern Conference teams, Cleveland and Orlando.

The Magic have the new Beast of the East, Dwight Howard. D-Howard is just a monster in the middle and able to dominate games, and he's still very young. He's an amazing double-double machine stacking up points and rebounds similar to the way Shaq used to. The Magic are 1 of Boston's 2 defeats, and of course they will meet again.

Then you have Cleveland, who handed Boston a more recent defeat. Of course the Cavs have superstar Lebron James and he's nearly averaging a triple double. The guy does it all and wills his team to victories, as we all witnessed in last year's playoffs. He's a modern day comparison to Magic, Michael and Oscar Robertson. And still young.

So now the Celtics sit at a 11-2 record, and have been battle tested by two of the teams most likely to offer them the most competition come playoff time. Now if the Celtics can win their other games against Cleveland and Orlando and do so in statement fashion, we just might be ready to call them Eastern champs. The question becomes whether or not the 3 superstars in Boston are not as good as having an elite guy such as youngsters D-Howard and King James. KG is considered an elite guy, but he's not as young as the other 2. Pierce and Allen aren't young guys either. It makes you wonder if the superstar youth factor will dominate come playoff time or if the investment made in the Big 3 will be more rewarding.

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