Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stephon Marbury, Get Back 2 Reality

On Tuesday during a Knicks practice New York Times reported that Stephon Marbury stormed out angrily after he was informed by coach Isiah Thomas he wouldn't be starting Tuesday night's game. Marbury apparently left Phoenix, and the Knicks didn't make it clear where Marbury went to with a game against the Suns tonight. This would only seem to reinforce the poor image many athletes get for being crybabies and whiners. It really makes you wonder what Stephon is thinking?

Here's a few notes Stephon might like to review:

1) You're getting payed millions of dollars to play basketball for one of the most storied and possibly scrutinized teams in all of basketball. Read that again: "millions of dollars".

2) There's plenty of guys who would love to get paid millions of dollars not to start for a NBA team, and come off the bench.

3) You're not the coach. You defer to the team coach and if you don't agree, you finish out practice as best you can and take the issue to management for them to mediate (like any other workplace issue).

4) There's a TON of guys working their butts off in the NBDL who would love the chance to be playing in the pros, even if it's for a losing team, or the Knicks.

5) You aren't even near the MVP race for the NBA, and you sure aren't the best guy in terms of stats for your team. According to the NBA.com game preview for tonight, Marbury is averaging a career-low 15.2 points this season, shooting 40 percent from the field, but leads the Knicks with 6.8 assists per game.

Sorry Starbury, but in today's tough world you need to prove yourself. You may have had near All-star seasons, a few buzzer beaters and some great highlights, but it doesn't allow you to carry on this sort of tirade over how the coach plays you.

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