Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gilbert is Sorry, Sorta?

Gilbert Arenas decided to semi-apologize for his big prediction when he wrote on his latest NBA blog. He had previously made a bold prediction that the Wizards would upset the Celts on opening night, and of course the Big 3 spoiled the party.

"They had it and I had to eat my words on national television. 0-1 on predictions is not the way you want to start out the season, especially me with my mouth.

But I did have two fans sitting on the front row wearing No. 0. They sat right next to the bench. They were two really good fans.

I've been going to Boston for many years now and I've never seen anything like that. I know most of you were watching it on TV, but if you were there you could hear them just chanting my name which was beautiful because I don't think even Michael Jordan got his name chanted in another arena like that.

Even though mine was chanted for hatred, it felt good. Now there's a bond between me and the Boston fans. "

Agent 0 will probably be keeping his predictions to himself now. You can read more from the latest blog of Gilbert Arenas here.

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