Friday, November 16, 2007

Kobe's Block Party & Celtics 7-0

You're going to get sick of hearing about a few things this season. One is how great the Boston Celtics are doing, and the other is the constant chatter about "will Kobe be playing in LA or somewhere else?" Right now those two topics seem to dominate the NBA.

The Celtics of course is a great story in basketball. Some coaches and GM's from other teams even said they underestimated the Celtics being this good. But if you look at the 3 stars they have, they each offer a unique necessary component which a lot of teams lack. You've got probably the smoothest and most consistent outside shot from Ray Allen. You've got the consumate team leader do-it-all type in Paul Pierce, who's been in Celtics hell for years now. And then you add in former MVP Kevin Garnett, a guy who can rebound and, well you know the rest. Basically, they are the real deal at 7-0 and this is something great for Celtics fans.

Then you've got the Kobe story. Right now, he's still a Laker. There's been talk of him playing for Chicago, for Dallas, for Detroit. It's all talk. He's still probably one of the top 2 in the NBA, as the Lebron-Kobe debate continues. On the recent Houston trip the Lakers had, Kobe had blocks against two of the tallest stars in Texas. One block came with Kobe swatting Tim Duncan, and then a night later, Kobe flew up to block Yao Ming. Impressive stuff.

Oh, and the young kid Kevin Durant got his first win. He's been trying for it for 8 games. He finally has 1 up on Greg Oden, who isn't playing. Durant's win came at the expense of Riley's Miami Heat who are fading out of the playoff picture, and fast.

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