Thursday, December 06, 2007

AI Technology: 51 Point Explosion!

Last night there was a pretty decent West Coast showdown on ESPN. It pitted Kobe's Lakers against AI, Melo and the Denver Nuggets. It stayed close through out and had an almost playoff feel to it. Kobe and Melo both hit the deck on different plays and came back from minor injuries to compete in the game. Kobe's team got the win 111-107, but Allen Iverson had the impressive stat of 51 points. He was having a "can't miss" kind of night as everything was falling for him. He'd hit shots as he fell back near the scorer's table, layups that looked easy for AI and hard for the rest of humanity, and jumpers from various spots all over the court. Iverson's total is the highest scoring mark for a player so far this season as he surpassed the feats of T-Mac, Kobe and Lebron James.

It goes to show this isn't just a big man's game. Iverson's already been a league MVP at such a short stature. He brought his Sixers team to the Finals one year against the Lakers and helped pull off a Game 1 upset. What is perhaps most impressive is he is the 3rd all time leader in NBA Scoring Average for his career. Above him at 1 and 2 are MJ and Wilt respectively. Now that's some amazing stuff for a little guy.

Now you also have to be curious about how far the Nuggets can go when they make the playoffs. They have 2 players who definitely want a title and who have the ability to completely take over a game. A Nuggets vs. Celtics finals perhaps? It would make for a nice treat, but the Celts already blew Denver out earlier this year..Time will tell.

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At 12/06/2007 8:21 PM, Anonymous Big Game said...

How bout the warrior game?! I agree with all you had to say about AI. "Where Amazing Happens."
What do you think about Monta Ellis. I still am on the fence with him, but baron, captain jack and the crew are ballin.


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