Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tim Donaghy's 15 Months of Fame

Tim Donaghy rocked the NBA, basketball and sports world months ago when it was discovered he had assisted in fixing games and also had been betting on games. Mob involvement was uncovered by the FBI and Donaghy soon was on the hot seat. Donaghy sang as soon as he was caught, discussing how other refs may have been involved. David Stern, always the face of justice in sports, cited Donaghy as a rogue criminal acting alone, as no other NBA officials could possibly be involved. Donaghy was accused of trying to lighten his sentence by singing about others who may or may not have been involved. Finally, as of Tuesday, Tim Donaghy finally received the punishment for his crimes. Two concurrent 15 month prison terms for the betting and fixing of NBA games.

On the Mike and Mike radio show on ESPN, they talked to a Gambling Addiction Counselor/Advisor who's been working with Donaghy. The counselor continued to discuss how gambling is a serious addiction for many, and that the rest of us who don't have the addiction simply don't understand. Donaghy may have received a much ligher sentence than deserved, and while there's many gamblers and many addicts in the world, all actions are a choice we make. The consequences of a crime whether an addict are not, don't change. Donaghy now has 15 months to rebuild mentally and start to piece back together what he threw away by participating in gambling and mob activity.

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