Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Free Agents Move East?

A New Sixers Brand

The Philadelphia 76ers made one of the biggest moves so far in the young free agency period of the NBA. Philly added the services of 10 year NBA veteran and perennial All-star, Elton Brand. It had originally appeared like Brand would re-sign with his longtime Clippers, and align himself with their latest acquisition, PG Baron Davis. But the Sixers gave up enough cash to add the big man to their front court mix, and are now ready to compete in the East.

As noted on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike show, more players are likely headed to the East because they have a better chance at competing there. In the West, talent is stacked and several teams are leaps and bounds above the rest. Right now the NBA Finals runner-ups, the Lakers, may lose Ronny Turiaf to the Warriors, as they need to match an offer made to him.
The Lakers basically steamrolled through the Western side of the playoffs, before being dismantled by Boston in the Finals. That said, Boston didn't have an easy route in the East. They were taken to the limit by both Atlanta and Cleveland. Meanwhile, Philly took the Pistons six games in the East, and with the addition of a solid upfront player like Elton Brand, the Sixers only increase their chances at making it deep into the playoffs.

The case was also made that teams like the Bulls and Nets made great draft night moves to position themselves. But that positioning might not pay off until a year or two down the road. The Bulls are young and able, but the Nets may be more of a rebuild as Vince Carter isn't getting younger and may decide to leave town for a title contender. Watch for more teams to attempt to sign key players in the coming weeks in order to compete in 2008-09.

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At 7/10/2008 11:01 AM, Blogger Penny Show said...

Poor Baron Davis. Look at what you got yourself into this time. He was essentially the quarterback of a team that has proven to get better and stronger the past 2 years. Now, he skips town to a young team that he is going to single handily going to have to mold from square one. Horrible situation.

Maggette is a Warrior now. Is he replacing the void that Baron Davis left? In terms of the PG position, nope. He does offer Golden State a disgusting 3-man offensive punch (Ellis, Jackson, Maggette) backed up by a pretty strong front court. But would it be effective without a standout point guard?

Brand is situated on a gold mine of a team. Endless and diverse talent that is guaranteed to be better because he's in the picture. I love it. If they can land one last role or marquee player. Philly will be a very scary team to deal with.

What NBA teams need to reconsider and recognize is that veterans are usually a sure thing. Especially if they're an all star. It's an NHL kind of mentality that got Boston to trust older all star vets to get that last championship. This goes out to Chicago who has been rebuilding and rebuilding it's roster with almost 3 teams worth of young draft picks. Some who were busts and some who flourished after their stay in Chi Town. Yes, they had Ben Wallace, but he was playing a defensive role. They need an all a round All Star. Nets is a more interesting team with it's changes but I personally feel it's going to be a long season before they develop the teamwork. Expect Carter to get injured and request a trade haha.

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At 7/28/2008 4:51 PM, Anonymous sexyono said...

I hope more free agents are heading east. The difference between east and west was too big last season.

And by the way, if the Sixers are smart, they will give Iguodala what he's asking for. He'll sure be an all star next season.


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