Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Shaq vs. Kobe Battle Resumes?

It's been the talk of the sports and NBA world. Not the recent Celtics return to glory, Tim Donaghy's attempt to rat out the NBA, or the upcoming NBA draft. Instead, the legendary freestyling skills of Mr. Shaq Fu have now become newsworthy, again.

This time around, Shaq decided to have some fun at a club with his nursery rhyme style dis rap towards former "friend" and teammate Kobe Bryant. In his rap, Shaq goes as far as to curse out the current Laker star, and dis him for being unable to win the title this year. Not only that, but Shaq brought the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar's name into his rap, claiming he's better than the Hall of Famer. The rap also includes a chorus featuring the line "Kobe how's my ass taste?", which is still being deciphered around the world.

It's these immature stunts that only diminish the game more. While Shaq claims he was just joking around, similar to his dis rap about Vlade Divac, it clearly had some more than subtle insinuations to it. Not only that, but Shaq really needs to leave the rapping to the pro freestylers, and continue balling. Even though Shaq had several platinum records to his name, he also is nearer to the end of his career than Kobe, who will continue writing his NBA legacy. As one analyst said, Kobe will definitely be doing his retorts on the court, probably dunking on Shaq several times next season.

So how will Shaq's latest antics affect his promising career as a police officer?

According to TMZ.com:

Minutes after an Arizona sheriff called for Shaquille O'Neal's badge over his n-bomb laced rap, the Diesel was already getting back-up from some of his other boys in blue.

According to a statement from Miami Beach Chief of Police Carlos Noriega, "Shaquille O'Neal is a member in good standing of the Miami Beach police Dept. He is a valuable asset to our organization and the city of Miami Beach."

View the Shaq dis rap of Kobe Bryant here.

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