Monday, June 09, 2008

Power of Powe in Game 2

Once again, it was the Celtics bench coming to the rescue in Game 2. The LA Lakers nearly stormed back from being down about 20 points, and in the fourth LA made it respectable. The Celtics held on to win by just 4, behind the Power of an unlikely star, Leon Powe.

According to analysts, Powe was able to study the Laker's defense while riding the bench, then came in and really took it to them. Powe ended up with about 21 points total, and that's far from his season average. Analysts also remarked that possibly Kobe and the Lakers took notes on what allowed them to get back into this game. Paul Pierce admitted the Celts became complacent with their huge lead, allowing for the comeback. Phil Jackson was also complaining about the refs giving way more foul shots to Powe, than his Lakers team during a 15 minute stretch.

Come Game 3 the Lakers may have an entirely different game plan. Phil Jackson is a mastermind and should have the squad ready for battle, but will they be able to overcome the Celtics bench? With homecourt now in their favor, it's do or die time for the Lakers. Another LA loss will put things heavily in favor of the Celtics, bringing a title back to Boston. It's starting to look more like the Big 3 are hungry and may take the title in 6, but a 7 game series would be a great way to cap off this NBA season.

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