Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playoff Trash Talkers Never Win

Talk is cheap in these 2007-08 NBA Playoffs. Mike Bibby was the latest to learn this lesson the hard way on Wednesday night in Boston. Bibby decided to make comments that called the Celtics fans "fairweather fans" and said he remembered them wearing bags over their heads when he played there last year with Sacramento. Bibby's comments were in reference to last year's lackluster season for the Celtics. Unfortunately when you talk bad in Boston, the fans let you know it. Bibby was loudly booed every time he touched the ball during Wednesday's game. The result was another poor performance for Bibby and a bigtime win in Game 2 for the Celts.

The Wizards are also learning this lesson the hard way. Gilbert Arenas stated before their series against the Cavs that it would be hard for a team to beat them 3 straight years in the playoffs. Gil also said this year's Cavs team just wasn't as good as last year's. Then his teammate Deshawn Stevenson decided to get into it by calling out King James himself, saying Lebron is overrated. And Lebron and the Cavs have responded with a win in game 1, followed by a convincing Game 2 win to go up two games to nada.

The last case for trash talkers never winning in the playoffs is Dirk Nowitzki. While Dirk didn't exactly call Chris Paul overrated or say New Orleans isn't good, he said this was the team they'd rather play. Dirk said he was glad they didn't have the Lakers first round since they're on such a hot streak, and also said the Mavs would match up with the Hornets better. Well as NBA nation can see, Dallas hasn't matched up well against New Orleans either.

Talk is cheap, and it goes to show that the guys making the real statements are the players doing so by scoring points, playing well and winning playoff games.

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