Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 NBA Playoffs Day 1

The 2008 NBA Playoffs have started off at a furious pace. On Saturday the playoff gates opened with a classic Western Conference game going into double overtime. It was the rematch of the Spurs vs. Suns, which is now considered one for the ages. Tim Duncan, who hadn't hit a three point shot all year managed to hit one in the first overtime to tie things up. In the second overtime there was a series of wild shots by both teams, ending with Manu Ginobli's drive with 1.8 seconds to go. The Spurs defeat the Suns 117-115 to take Game 1. Duncan recorded a game high 40 points and 15 rebounds in the thriller.

Cleveland and Lebron James handled the trash talking Wizards 93-86 in their game 1 in Cleveland. Gilbert Arenas had made comments that there's no way a team can beat another in the playoffs for 3 straight years, and the Wizards would "try their luck" this year. His teammate Deshawn Stevenson decided to throw in that Lebron James is "overrated". Definitely not the smartest of moves to stir up King James after he made the Finals just 1 year ago.

In other action, The Hornets defeated Dallas 104-92 in Game 1. Chris Paul made his much-anticipated NBA playoff debut scoring 35 points and 10 assists to lead his New Orleans Hornets to a 1-0 start. Dallas was ahead by as much as 12 at one point, but New Orleans gained momentum and played almost flawlessly in the second half. Paul also showed why he may be receiving the proverbial torch from future Hall of Fame PG, Jason Kidd. Dirk Nowitski had stated earlier that he was happy they weren't facing the red hot Lakers, but it looks like the Hornets were just as heated.

In the nightcap, Tracy McGrady's Rockets met Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz. T-Mac has the stigma of being bounced from the first round of the playoffs all 6 times in his career. As Stephen A. Smith of ESPN noted "it's like a black cat is following him around". That black cat sort of hit when it took out Yao Ming for the season, but the Rockets still had an impressive 22 game winning streak, with half of them during Yao's absence. T-Mac was on the receiving end of another loss to start things off as the Jazz defeated the Rockets 93-82. Deron Williams, Andre Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer combined for 61 points for the Jazz.

More playoff action Sunday with the Celtics vs. Hawks, Pistons vs. Sixers, Raptors vs. Magic and Nuggets vs. Lakers series all opening up.

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